Secondary Processes

Powder Coating

As part of our manufacturing expansion plan, we recently started to provide powder coating services in-house. The heart of our powder coating line consisted of the German made spray guns (8 automatic and 2 manual) and cyclone system to ensure consistency in painting and maximum powder recovery.

Other secondary processes available in-house are silkscreen printing, tapping, rivet, etc. We constantly make use of external sub-contractor for processes not available in-house such as electro deposition (ED), anodizing and heat treatment.

G1 Powder coating - Hanging

Powder coating – Hanging

G2 Powder Coating - Entering Spray Booth

Powder Coating – Entering Spray Booth

G3 Powder Coating - Auto Spray

Powder Coating – Auto Spray

G4 Auto tapping rotary table

Auto tapping rotary table

G5 Auto tapping multi spindle

Auto tapping multi spindle

G6 Manual tapping

Manual tapping

G7 Hairline


G8 Silk screen printing

Silk screen printing